These former postal bikes are robust and reliable – and they’re doing great work both in the UK and Africa

For over a hundred years, our postal services commissioned top-quality, British-made bikes for posties delivering our mail. But the way we use postal services has changed: we’re sending more parcels thanks to internet shopping and fewer letters due to email. Bikes are no longer suitable for our posties and they have gradually been phasing out their use. But that’s not the end of the story. For the past few years Krizevac Project (a UK-registered charity) has been on a mission to save the bikes from landfill as they are decommissioned. We’ve given them a new lease of life: supporting the successful growth of social enterprises in Malawi, Africa – one of the poorest countries in the world.

The Limited Edition Elephant Bike

This is a unique and time-limited opportunity for you to be part of this exciting project. There will only ever be 5000 Elephant Bikes, making these individually numbered, fully refurbished postal bikes real collectors’ pieces. Ideal for town or leisure cycling, they’re built to last using British components and top craftsmanship. Plus with Sturney Archer three-speed gearing, drum brakes and great load-carrying ability, your Elephant Bike will give you years of happy cycling.

We’re helping to develop skills in the UK by working in partnership with HM Prisons across the Midlands. Offenders are developing their employment skills by helping us to refurbish the bikes. They strip the frames prior to professional shot-blasting and powder coating in a range of attractive colours. Offenders are given the chance to attain a certificate in bicycle maintenance, boosting their skills, confidence and likelihood of gaining employment (a key step to preventing repeat offences).

Therefore buying an Elephant Bike means you’re helping to transform lives here in the UK as well as in Africa.

Buy One, Give One

You buy a bike, we give a bike, it’s as simple as that.
When you buy your robust and sturdy town bike, we will donate a bike to our social enterprise in Africa, where owning a bike can mean securing work, generating an income, or getting an invaluable education.

The Malawi bike workshops
In Chilomoni Township, Malawi a quiet revolution of enterprise creation is helping to end poverty for some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Since 2007 Krizevac Project has worked hard to create viable social enterprises. These businesses create training opportunities and meaningful jobs. To date 380 people who previously lived on less than £1 per day are in secure long-term employment. All of the money generated by the enterprises pays for children’s education and community family support. This helps to break the cycle of poverty and creates future Malawian business leaders.

One of our most successful enterprises is BeeBikes. Sponsorship from Mobal Communications Ltd, a US mobile phone company, helped Krizevac to ship thousands of ex-postal bikes to Malawi over the past six years. The African workshop employs eight local people to repair and service the donated bikes from Britain. They are then sold to Malawians who can travel to work, transport goods to market and travel miles to school or college. Bikes in Malawi can be life transforming and often mean an income for life. The profits from Beebikes funds care for pre-school children in our own Mother Teresa Children’s Centre in the heart of the township.

How the Elephant Bike was born
Some of the Malawi bikes were sold to Liwonde National Park; home to the majority of Malawi’s protected wildlife. The Fence Wardens were delighted with their ex-postal bikes and their new found ability to complete 30-mile patrols of the rhino fencing in record time. But it turns out that elephants don’t like red and the Wardens were at danger of being chased. Desperate to solve this problem, the Wardens tried out some re-sprayed green bikes. Remarkably, the elephants no longer gave chase… and the first Elephant Bikes were born.

How we use the funds
You buy an Elephant Bike along with a carrier and basket for £280
It costs us around £200 to collect, store, process, shot-blast, powder coat, transport, purchase spares and baskets, final quality check, sell, and package and post each bike.

100% of the remaining £80 is used to ship bicycles to Malawi. This represents at least 1 bike (and actually nearly 2 bikes) sent to Malawi for every bike sold here in the UK.

Krizevac Project is a UK Registered Charity Number 1115608.